Monday, August 8, 2011

LxWxH (xIV)

by Amanda Manitach

I'm so excited - I picked up July's edition LxWxH from Sharon Arnold yesterday after our round table discussion on Artists who Interview, hosted by Mandy Greer as part of her residency at The Project Room. My box had a beautiful painting by Amanda Manitach and a lovely, green crystal by Derrick Jefferies.

Your box will have something different in it - each one is unique. Also in each box, the fantastic essay Hic et Nunc Dimittis by Davidson Warren Burnam.

by Derrick Jefferies

At $130, it's quite a steal. And I love getting new art--it's like Christmas! As a participating artist, we each get to select a box and I chose this month. I'm big fans of both these artists and have been wanting a Manitach for a long time. I was able to sweet-talk Amanda into having her inaugural show back in December of 2009 as part of The New Guard. And I first met Derrick last year when we both joined SOIL. He was an early winner of the City Arts Art Walk Award. Next up, he'll be heading to London to get his MFA at Goldsmiths.

If you want to get in on, "Derrick's off-the-cuff alchemy and Amanda's florid niello meditations...", you can order your own box here for $130.

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