Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Knutson / Pettway at Greg Kucera Gallery

HOG IN DA PEN, 1987, by Loretta Pettway
Quilted fabric, 108 x 80 inches, image via Greg Kucera Gallery

Greg Kucera Gallery will be showing work by Gee's Bend quilter, Loretta Pettway, in her first solo show. Check out other Gee's Bend quilts and prints.

FOUR COILED STARS FIELD, 2011 by Michael Knutson
Oil on canvas, 72 x 108 inches, image via Greg Kucera Gallery

It makes a great pairing with Michael Knutson's Layered Coils. There will be a reception tomorrow night (Thursday) from 6-8pm. Also, don't miss his artist talk on Saturday, Sept 3 at noon.

DETAIL: SPRUNG COIL QUARTET #4, 2007, by Michael Knutson
image via Greg Kucera Gallery

I love this detail image from his Sprung Coil Quartet #4.

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