Monday, August 29, 2011

gut [vigor] heart [resolve] hands [focus]

gut[ted][ing][s] 2011, arches cover white, strathford drawing roll,
glue, 26 foot long installation by Sharon Arnold

Hopefully you've seen Sharon Arnold's show gut [vigor] heart [resolve] hands [focus] that's currently hanging in the Alumni Gallery of Cornish. If not, you still have a couple of days. The gallery is open 9-5 through Friday (the show comes down at 3pm on Friday).

1:1 no 1, one stick of charcoal on one piece of 2"x2" paper, 2011
by Sharon Arnold
gut [vigor] heart [resolve] hands [focus]

these words embody ways in which we brace ourselves to move forward, representing the things we carry, contain, or spill forth. at what point are we unable to give anything more or contain what we hold?

there are areas of overlap in each of these pieces, but they have their own character. gut[ed][ing][s] is expressing more than can what possible be contained - spilling, overflow; 1:1 is literally taking on more material while slowly falling apart; and carry the one, drop the rest is about amassing so much information that the older information is lost.

this work is a metaphor, meditation, and self-torture device through which I continue to pile on, strip down, unload, lift off, layer up, break down, soldier on. - Sharon Arnold

carry the one, drop the rest No. 1 (detail), 2011
tracing paper, acetate, graphite, sharpie, by Sharon Arnold

I think it's my favorite show by Sharon; it has a quiet sadness to it. It's smart, well suited to the academic setting of an art college. But for all its intellectualism, it holds an equal amount of heart, demonstrated through her use of excess. A small square of velvety paper holds the remains of an entire stick of charcoal. Stacks of vellum are piled on top of each to create ghost images. Rectangles' innards reveal themselves to be more than possible. This is what it feels like to be smothered by someone who loves you.


harold hollingsworth said...

it was great to see the other day after the artist talk on the 7th floor of Cornish!

sharon said...

Joey, thank you for sharing your response. It feels frighteningly revealing, but in good ways.