Thursday, August 25, 2011

Get your art on / Thursday

Some art events that might require your attention tonight.

Lauren Davies

This evening, Across the River Arts and Fremont Abbey Arts Center will present their one night only showcase Twentyfive: A Night of New Works by 25 Emerging Artists and Performers.
"Painters, sculptors, dance choreographers, poets, musicians, playwrights, and every style in between will make up this special show giving the community an opportunity to meet these talented individuals and experience their brand new creations."
Artists include: Laura Ackerman, Jeff Ballard, Kellen Braddock, Jennifer Cadence, Gibson Cima, Lauren Davies, Anita Feng, Lisa Frank, Tamblyn Gawley, C. Luke Geller, Rachel Grant, Josh Hornbeck (quiet), Kalen Huffman, Jane Kakaley, Cheri Kopp, David McCrae, Joy Mills, Atsuko Nagakura, Rosie Peterson, Laura Samsel, Greg Sinibaldi, Martijn Swart, Casey Tonnelly, Catrina Turley, John White, and Suze Woolf.

Full info here.

fog machines found in abandoned halloween shop by Graham Downing

Tonight from 7-11 at Vignettes, Graham Downing will show new art in his one night only show, sleeping with my contacts in: close to home, close to work. This will be Graham's second show with Vignettes. I loved this piece from his last show.
"I've been sleeping with my contacts in for the last four months.
Sometimes if they hurt in the morning I'll take them out and wear my glasses for the day. I've had these glasses since high school and people always say I don't look like myself when i wear them.

I also don't know my social security number.
And i always buy gas 5 dollars at a time." - Graham Downing

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