Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Thursday / Aug, 2011

"Dark Matter", 2011 by Weirdo, 20"
Airbrush on Canvas,
image via Flatcolor

"Raw & Uncut", 2011, Matt W. Moore, 20"
100% Spray Paint on Canvas, image via Flatcolor

First Thursday is already here. This show at Flatcolor Gallery is really catching my eye. I'm usually not the biggest fan of non-rectangular canvases but I'll bet an entire show of circles will look amazing. These ones certainly do!

"Hanging, Swaying, Pulsing, the Most Vunerable and Insubstantial Creature", 2011
Jeremy Ehling, 24", Acrylic, Enamel & Oil Stick on Wood Panel, image via Flatcolor

by Joey Bates

Also, I'm super excited to see this new body of work by Joey Bates. Recent Explosions will open tonight at Zeitgeist Coffee.


On a personal note, folks have asked why I quit doing my 1st Thursday lists. Like many things I was doing in 2010, it was a lot of work for no pay. I love making them but they take me a day or two and I just haven't been able to pull them off in 2011.

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