Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bumber By Number / Bumbershoot

I'm looking forward to the upcoming Bumber By Number exhibition at Bumbershoot which will celebrate one of Amercia's kitschiest exports--the paint by number. Curators Marlow Harris and JoDavid have invited 40 artists including folks like Jim Blanchard, Troy Gua, Nancy Guppy, Charles Krafft, Lisa Petrucci, Jim Woodring, and myself to participate. Each artist selected an already completed paint by number and will alter it according to their own style. I grabbed a Jesus canvas and my inspiration was Lori Earley's The Wish and, of course, Grizzly Adams.

Featured artist Ryan Feddersen will create an interactive piece that requires audience participation. Also featured, the guitars of Bill Blair.

You can follow the exhibition's progress over here.
Bumber By Number and other Visual Arts exhibits are open 11am - 8pm, 9/3 - 9/5, and the location of the exhibit is the Seattle Center Pavilion (just east of Key Arena)

Free Visual Arts Preview, Thursday, September 1st, 3pm - 9pm, - Mayor's Arts Awards are 4-6pm

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