Monday, August 8, 2011

Bears of Seattle

Grizzly Bear Blue, 2011 by Scott Fife
archival cardboard, glue, screws, 27 x 35 x 48 inches
image via

I've been missing Regina Hackett's blog. I've especially missed how she'd make posts based on themes. I checked her blog but couldn't find any she did on bears.

“Anatomy of the Bear”, 2011 by Stacey Rozich
image via

Grizz (detail), 2011 by Justin Kane Elder
mixed media, 66x60, image via

I just got a show announcement from Justin Kane Elder (mANIMAL, pART II) and the image got me thinking about all the bears that Seattle artists have made. Who am I missing?

Blue Bear Head, 2011 by Gaylen Hansen
Acrylic on Canvas, 17" x 20.5", image via

Duct tape bear, 2011 by Troy Gua
image via

"Bear", 2010 by Baso Fibonacci
36" x 46", Enamel and Transfer on Wood
image via

Beauty is not Benign (bear), 2010 by Anthony Sonnenberg
Hand cut brass sheeting, brass piping, bear skin rug
image via

Bears by Derek Erdman
image via

Bear Hugs (blue), 2009 by Joey Veltkamp
36" x 50", acrylic on paper

Untitled (black bear), 2008 by Justin Colt Beckman
polyurethane foam, paint, approx. 20,000 black acrylic rhinestones,
and mixed-media, 80"x30"x36",
image via

Bear, 2008 by Brian Murphy
Watercolor on Paper, 7″ x 5 1/2″
image via

Panda with a Honey Tree, 2006 by Jeffry Mitchell
Ceramic (earthenware), 20″ x 14″ x 10″
image via

Bears, 2005, by Claude Zervas
Chainsaw carved pear wood, RGB LEDs, microcontrollers, plastic, misc.
18"h x 46"w x 31"d, variable (image via)

Recreational Bears by Aaron Bagley
collage, image via

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Lesley said...

Love seeing all these bears created by various Seattle artists. If you're looking for an art blog occassionally featuring "themed" posts, check out my blog, Artsy Forager.

Featuring Pacific NW artists as well as those throughout the US, heck, the world!

Joe said...

I love Fife's blend of balance of fine craftsmanship and barely reigned in chaos.

Baso said...