Friday, August 19, 2011

Artists who interview recap

photo by Mandy Greer

A couple of weekends ago, Mandy Greer invited five of us artists who interview to gather round a big table full of tangerines, pie and coffee to talk about what we get from the experience.
"But what I really wanted to get at are your personal motivations for doing this. I want to know how did this start for you all, how did this practice begin? It’s hard enough to have time just to be an artist, so it must do something for you, it must feed you in some way and I want to learn about that today." - Mandy Greer
You've probably noticed I've been blogging more lately. It wasn't until I read the transcription of the roundtable that I realized just why I've been so inspired lately. From time to time, somebody (usually an artist) will send me an email to let me know that they feel isolated from the scene and they have been using my blog as a way to feel connected. That's pretty much exactly why I keep doing the blog--to foster connection.
"It was right after I completed Dare alla Luce at BAM in 2008 and I had been buried in making this massive artwork for 16 months with almost no outside contact, raising a toddler. Finding Joey’s blog, it was like this beautiful blooming flower and window onto all this activity. I continue to go back to it, like a touchstone, to get a feel for what’s happening, when I’m totally buried in work." - Mandy Greer
It's a real interesting read (I can say that because I didn't have much to say that day). Also a big congratulations to Mandy--both her and Troy Gua just won Seattle Magazine's 2011 Spotlight Award!


harold hollingsworth said...

your my touchstone as well Joey!

Anonymous said...

Joey! I'm so so glad you walked away from the table inspired, me too! I have been blundering through interviews left and right since then, and in due time will get them done...just keep swimming, right!
love Mandy