Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pottery Northwest Salad Bowl 2011

Platters by Rustam Usmanov, Joey Veltkamp, Ann Gardner

On Wednesday, Aug 3rd, Pottery Northwest will host their annual Salad Bowl. Running a pottery center is expensive and class tuition only covers 75% of costs. Your attendance at their annual fundraiser is what makes up the difference. It's a fun, casual event held midweek so as not to disrupt your social calendar. Pottery students, residents and outside artists have been busily painting 200 salad bowls - each attendee goes home with one. Maybe you'll get one of Margie Livingston's drip bowls. Or Kiki MacInnis' beat bowl. Or my Pabst bowl. And then you can fill it with yummy salads and desserts from local chefs and restaurants.

There will also be some platters and other auction items up for sale. Look at that platter by Rustam Usmanov (visiting from Rishtan, Uzbekistan, along with his son, Damir)! I can't wait to see the platters by George Rodriguez and Alfred Harris.
They've set up a semi-permanent gallery in the front that's always showcasing great work by current residents or students.

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