Saturday, July 9, 2011

Artist talk @ SOIL today at 2pm

by Derrick Jefferies

I know it's late notice but I highly recommend today's SOIL talk at 2pm.
Defornament presents three artists whose work address corporeality, ornamentation, and transformation of commonplace into the extra-ordinary. Objects and images shift into visual uncertainty and liminality through cloaking, cropping, layering and piling, the familiar becoming unrecognizable.

Derrick Jefferies’ new photographic and sculptural works are inspired by luxe forms found in the mineral world, appropriating readily found materials to create semi-precious knock-offs. Amanda Manitach’s new installation of drawings emphasize rhythmic blotting and an interruption of rocaille excess. Ellen Garvens’ photographic treatments use isolation and an absence of the total figure to meditate on the sensuousness of the ordinary. Derfornament explores the space between material reality and illusion, repulsion and attraction, clarity and obscurity.
Derrick, Amanda and Ellen have been working like crazy to make this work and it's super amazing. I can't wait to hear their thoughts behind it all, starting with the awesome title Defornament. Also, this will be Derrick's last Seattle show before he heads out to Slade. Amanda and Derrick are also this month's artists for LxWxH.

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