Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some openings tonight...

Lots of shows to see tonight with something for everyone.

Ken Kelly

Ken Kelly at the Sorrento

Tonight from 6-8pm, there will be a Fireside Chat at the Sorrento Hotel with artist Ken Kelly.
Curated by Roy McMakin, the show will open with a reception and Fireside Chat with Ken, Roy, Alfred Harris, Jeffry Mitchell, and Joey Veltkamp. It's free to the public, so come join us for drinks, art, and conversation at the fabulous Sorrento Hotel!
Andrew Reisert

Andrew Reisert at Vignettes

From 7-10pm, Vignettes will be presenting their one night only solstice exhibition 'SunSpasm', a new collage series by Andrew Reisert.
These works are reflections of the wonder I have in looking and contemplating. So much can be derived when only a limited amount of information is given. Perhaps how we once thought of the celestial bodies as Gods floating above. I enjoy thinking of the wild world before we had put our ours in such confining parentheses. How it must've been. to come face to face with plants, animals, and the skies above before we knew "better". It's not that I'm just simply dwelling on a past I can not possibly experience. Knowledge aside I can still find myself in that place, excited, fearful of what might be outside the walls of my confines, happy that the unknown still exists and once again like a young boy turning over creek rock, bewildered and amazed with misunderstanding. - AR

NKO / another total failure of language

Also, tonight from 5-10pm, NKO will open up his apartment to show new words and new works in ‘another total failure of language’, an installation of 333 paintings. Details here.

Synthetic / Winston Wachter

Winster Wachter will be hosting a solstice celebration/group exhibition tonight from 6-8pm. Synthetic includes work by Susan Dory, Elizabeth Gahan, Liz Hickok, Shane McAdams, Liz Tran, and Margeaux Walter.
Synthetic is a vibrant, colorful and thought provoking group show featuring six artists whose work interprets the notion of “synthetic” in a variety of ways and mediums. Each artist brings to the show a unique consideration of color, material, content, and composition. via

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