Saturday, June 18, 2011

Set the Table / Party in the Park / OSP

detail of Claire Cowie's table

Last night was Seattle Art Museum's second Set the Table for SAM, a fundraiser for their outreach and artistic programs. From 6-8pm, guests drank, ate and enjoyed the 18 artist designed tables with work by Tamara Codor, Claire Cowie, Chris Engman & Chauney Peck, Troy Gua, Alfred Harris, Vic Haven, Luke Haynes, Joy & Reffry, Cameron Anne Mason, Joe McDonnell, Nicholas Nyland, Joe Park, George Rodriguez, Ginny Ruffner, Carolina Silva, Maki Tamura, Trimpin, Claude Zervas & Leo Berk and me. Jeffry Mitchell and Roy McMakin decorated the bar area with garlands of pictures from their recent Canadian road trip.

detail of Alfred's table

There were only a few limits so people get really creative. I hope that someone captured them all. My date Jody Hall took these pictures. Update: Awesome - Robert Wade did document them all over here.

with chef Renee Erickson (recently here)

In addition to really fun artist tables, chefs like Renee Erickson, Ethan Stowell, Robin Leventhal (and more) made plate after plate of delicious food.

my mountain themed table with a lupine volcano

Music included Hey Marseilles, The Lumineers and a dj set by Dave Hernandez (of The Shins). If you were hungry, there was a row of trucks by folks like Molly Moon Ice Cream, Skillet, Dante's Inferno Dogs and more.

with Roy and Mike

After dinner, Party in the Park started with "eats, beats and feats". Susan Robb created 2 new scents for the sculpture park, Claudia Fitch provided a backdrop for pictures, and there were other artistic installations throughout the park.

the table of Vic Haven

You can see more images from the Party in the Park over here at Chris Hunt Photography.

Troy Gua's table (photo by Troy Gua)

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