Monday, June 20, 2011

Fissure by Alice Case

Fissure, 2011 by Alice Case
Oil on canvas, 62" x 48

"My paintings explore the complex, multi-faceted ways in which we find and define our humanity in today’s globalized society. I have a science-based belief in something bigger than ourselves, and a faith that the world unfolds the complexities of our humanity in many mysterious ways. My work is driven by an effort to understand this, and I do so by using painting to explore various pieces of humanity from the complex, interwoven
moments of our daily lives, to how we situate ourselves within a larger social structure.

Complex dichotomies, often self-produced, entangle our human world. Our animal instincts tell us to absorb, investigate, and explore everything, but these very basic intentions are complicated by our human instinct and desire to situate ourselves accordingly within our social constructs, which we have built but cannot fully control.Part of our human nature ignites in us a deep need to connect with and understand each other, and yet we have constructed a world in which technology allows us to be fully functioning and accommodated with less and less human interaction. I believe that on a deeply human level we recognize the potentially flawed nature of this, and that in a certain way it fuels our society with a very elusive, global energy as we teeter between acceptance and resistance of what is swiftly becoming our social norm. While we recognize and appreciate the advantages technology affords us, we remain wary of its broader sociological implications.

Each painting or series of paintings and drawings focuses on specific aspects of this struggle, celebrating the human mind and ability, while recognizing that we are being pulled in multiple directions.

I source my imagery from vast global networking systems such as airline flight patterns and grids (city/electrical/social networking), focusing on the ubiquitous nature of these systems, and pair these with intuited color and paint handling and often a classical use of perspective, reaching out to the more fundamental and instinctual senses of our human experience. My goal is to have these forces elegantly merge, while simultaneously fight for the viewers attention, as they do in our daily lives." - Alice Case

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harold hollingsworth said...

that hits on the wow factor, nice artist highlight!