Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blitz Mustache Tours!

As part of the 2nd anniversary celebration for Blitz, they'll be having Mustache Walking Tours. Different artists/art-lovers lead folks around Capitol Hill on mini-tours. The tours are free and we'll even be handing out fake mustaches. Each tour has a different start time and location.
Jennifer Babuca walks you around the big red wall in STart Wall Project: Love, Loss and the Moveable City.

Jesse Higman takes you a Trip Down Idea Avenue (11th).

Michael Alm and Kendal Tull-Esterbrook explore The Belly Button of Blitz! Olive Way Mustache Tour.
And of course you'll want to Do Pike/Pine With Ellen Forney.

by Matthew Olds

Joey Veltkamp's Bear Picks is a mellow art walk for lazy people...we'll cover the art in the block or two around Vermillion (where we'll start our tour, with a cold beverage). Here, we'll enjoy the awesome work of Matthew Olds and Heather Joy. And if we're really nice, maybe we can even get them to walk us through a piece in the show.

Northwest Marine Ironworks, 2011 by Greg Bourdreau
Spray Paint Stencils on Salvaged Wood, 32"h x 60"w

Next, we'll head upstairs to visit the studios of Greg Boudreau, Roy Powell, Peter Loyd and Abiel Hoff, collectively known as Local 1520. These fellas always have tons of amazing work available at really great prices...so bring some money if you're looking to pick up art.

Barn Owl by Joey Veltkamp

And then we'll mosey over to retrofit home to see their new group show Animal Kingdom. Ten artists are each showing 4-6 pieces of art relating to animals. These are the drawings that I used to make the paintings for panel for Gallery (206); they're of animals of Washington State, framed in 70s colors. [Am I really including my own group show in a tour I'm leading? Yes, I am - but only because I love the ladies at retrofit home so much!]


While I couldn't roll it into the tour (because then it wouldn't be a lazy tour), don't miss Jaimie Healy's show at Joe Bar. This will be her final show in Seattle for a while before she heads down to California to get her MFA at CCA.

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