Monday, May 23, 2011

Sprout III / NEPO House

photo by David Wulzen

Have you been to a Sprout Seattle dinner yet? I just made it to my first one this past Saturday. For $20 (there's also a sliding scale), attendees receive a home-made, locally-sourced dinner along with a voting ballot.
Diners will vote on a variety of proposed artist projects. At the end of dinner, the artist whose proposal receives the most votes will be awarded funds collected at the door. The work will then be presented during the next SPROUT. Artistic genres of all kinds are accepted and are encouraged to be works that are sustainable, local and forward-thinking. via
The seasonal menu was prepared by Chef Larkin Young ("former chef de cuisine at Tilth and opening sous chef at the new RN74"). The food was great (which is amazing considering there were about 140 people eating) and included items like, "Crostini with handmade farmer's cheese, nettle pesto, puffed quinoa, and miner's lettuce" and "Penne with smoked butter and tomato sauce with fresh seasonal greens". The bar is donated so your pay-what-you-can donations act as seed money for the next dinner. And everything is run by volunteers.

Klara and Amanda setting up
photo by David Wulzen

Co-founded locally by Kristen Hoskins and Sarah Steininger, Sprout Seattle was patterned after Sunday Soup in Chicago and Feast in NYC. The goal is to do quarterly events.
Sprout II funded poet A K Mimi Allin's Song of Tent City ($1000) and Brandon Ilenstein's Topstache ($200).

Sprout III funded NEPO House's Don't Run 5k ($1000) and Anakbayan Seattle's A Critical Lens. It was so hard to to pick just one; I really liked Andrew Salituri's The Infinite Good project, too. I wasn't sure what to expect but the presentations were all really entertaining

video by Brad Vanderburg.

I think the Don't Run 5k will be a really fun and interesting event and I'm really happy they got some funding. I know Klara (and the whole NEPO House board) have been working very hard on putting it together. Here's her response to winning Saturday's grant.
NEPO House is super excited to win the 3rd Sprout award. Thank you Sprout Seattle, we will put your grant money to a very good use on our next project NEPO 5k: DON'T RUN! We were honored to be presenting among such talented artists and exciting projects. We thought all the projects were very inspiring and deserving. Also many thanks to all that attended Sprout dinner last night and made this award possible.

For those who may not know, mark your calendars - the very first DON'T RUN will take place in Seattle on September 10th (9.10.11). Here is a short video preview to give you a taste of NEPO and what's coming up. More info at:

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