Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sign up your teen for Summer at Cornish!

(embedding is disabled so click the image to watch it)

I know I've already mentioned that I'm teaching a class as part of Summer at Cornish 2011 but I wanted to do another reminder because time to register is running out. Teens (15-18) have 'til June 17 to secure the classes they want and after that there are no guarantees. I'm really looking forward to teaching this class!
This sculpture class will examine the resurgence of fiber arts through a contemporary lens. Using artists such as Mandy Greer, Josh Faught, and Mark Newport for inspiration, each session will be spent working alongside guest artists building a component piece (macramé, felting, other fiber arts) for a larger assemblage each student will create at the end of the course. This course will also focus on 1970s iconography and compositional considerations.
And there are tons of amazing courses - see the whole list here. Watch Gretchen Bennett, Susie Lee and Jen Graves talk about their upcoming classes!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Tahoma at Vignettes

Windfall Alphabet by Gretchen Bennett

One night only! Vignettes presents Tahoma by Gretchen Bennett. From 7-10 on May 31, Sierra will open up her studio apartment/gallery to host a reception.
"Even the Windfall stick font is taken from an incredible web of connection and disjointed from it. It’s intentionally separated from its original intent and content, to become somewhat strange, suggestive of an alternate civilization. This is why the Internet is so important, because in dipping into this culture, alien to the artist, she doesn’t know what her limitations are, what they should be. This is not about misunderstanding, but reunderstanding; moving away from and strengthening what the work is moving towards. This happens in steps and becomes a language. Meaning is built over time." an excerpt from Chris Doyle in Gretchen Bennett’s Governors Island Studio 2010
Buzz '081' or 'stinson' at El Capitan Apartments (1617 Yale Ave) and head up to apartment 510.

Also happening on Tuesday, May 31:
The launch of Gallery (206) in Occidental Park from 7-10pm.

Emily Pothast's silkscreen class at Cairo from 7-9pm.

Friday, May 27, 2011

UW MFA Tonight!

by Leanne Grimes, 2011,
45" x 57", oil on canvas
image via artist

Hey everybody! Don't forget about the UW MFA Thesis Exhibition opening up tonight. I'm loving these weird landscapes by Leanne Grimes...somewhere between Susanna Bluhm and Kim Dorland. Lots of great stuff to see. The reception is free and runs from 7-9pm tonight.

Also, don't forget about LxWxH's May/June release party happening tonight from 6-9pm at Vermillion.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

In the studio with Ken Kelly

in the studio with Ken Kelly

The New Organic: In the Studio with Ken Kelly
[Ken] Kelly was primarily known for his 15-year run of heavily patterned paintings, full of hidden angular skulls and third eyes created through faux symmetry. The work felt ancient and a bit mystical. Then in 2007, in what seemed to be an overnight change, Kelly abandoned his trademark calligraphic curves for freehand strokes of angular fields rendered with a minimal palette. The new work pushed his previous mysticism into a state of vibrancy that shimmers, hums and pulses.
Read the rest over at New American Paintings/Blog. Thanks for opening up your studio, Ken.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LxWxH (xWC) / May-June Issue

box of Troy Gua's illuminated plastic urnial cakes...

Remember LxWxH from earlier this year? They're back again with a new issue which features editioned artwork by Troy Gua and Erin Shafkind along with an essay by Anne Blackburn.

You can buy the current issue (or back issues/annual subscription) here. Or if you're in Seattle, swing by Vermillion this Friday (5/27) from 6-9pm, pick one up in person and meet the artists.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sprout III / NEPO House

photo by David Wulzen

Have you been to a Sprout Seattle dinner yet? I just made it to my first one this past Saturday. For $20 (there's also a sliding scale), attendees receive a home-made, locally-sourced dinner along with a voting ballot.
Diners will vote on a variety of proposed artist projects. At the end of dinner, the artist whose proposal receives the most votes will be awarded funds collected at the door. The work will then be presented during the next SPROUT. Artistic genres of all kinds are accepted and are encouraged to be works that are sustainable, local and forward-thinking. via
The seasonal menu was prepared by Chef Larkin Young ("former chef de cuisine at Tilth and opening sous chef at the new RN74"). The food was great (which is amazing considering there were about 140 people eating) and included items like, "Crostini with handmade farmer's cheese, nettle pesto, puffed quinoa, and miner's lettuce" and "Penne with smoked butter and tomato sauce with fresh seasonal greens". The bar is donated so your pay-what-you-can donations act as seed money for the next dinner. And everything is run by volunteers.

Klara and Amanda setting up
photo by David Wulzen

Co-founded locally by Kristen Hoskins and Sarah Steininger, Sprout Seattle was patterned after Sunday Soup in Chicago and Feast in NYC. The goal is to do quarterly events.
Sprout II funded poet A K Mimi Allin's Song of Tent City ($1000) and Brandon Ilenstein's Topstache ($200).

Sprout III funded NEPO House's Don't Run 5k ($1000) and Anakbayan Seattle's A Critical Lens. It was so hard to to pick just one; I really liked Andrew Salituri's The Infinite Good project, too. I wasn't sure what to expect but the presentations were all really entertaining

video by Brad Vanderburg.

I think the Don't Run 5k will be a really fun and interesting event and I'm really happy they got some funding. I know Klara (and the whole NEPO House board) have been working very hard on putting it together. Here's her response to winning Saturday's grant.
NEPO House is super excited to win the 3rd Sprout award. Thank you Sprout Seattle, we will put your grant money to a very good use on our next project NEPO 5k: DON'T RUN! We were honored to be presenting among such talented artists and exciting projects. We thought all the projects were very inspiring and deserving. Also many thanks to all that attended Sprout dinner last night and made this award possible.

For those who may not know, mark your calendars - the very first DON'T RUN will take place in Seattle on September 10th (9.10.11). Here is a short video preview to give you a taste of NEPO and what's coming up. More info at: http://www.nepohouse.org/

Saturday, May 21, 2011


from the group show THE WORD IS NOT ENDING,
YOUR WORLD IS ENDING at Gallery Homeland

Are you frequently curious about what's happening in Portland but just don't get down there often enough? OPENWIDEpdx is a great resource for making sure you stay connected.

Publication Studio

The other day on Facebook, I posted a link to Vic Haven's new book Hit The North. A few folks have since asked me about either that book or its publisher. I just figured everyone already knew about the amazing folks of Publication Studio but for those who don't, they were originally founded in Portland by Matthew Stadler and Patricia No, and now have satellite locations in Berkeley, Vancouver, Toronto and one in "Midwest Radical Culture Corridor, or MRCC—a centerless terrain in the middle of North America."
Publication Studio is a maker and destroyer of books. We print and bind books on demand, creating original work with artists and writers we admire. We use any means possible to help writers and artists reach a public: physical books; a digital commons (where anyone can read and annotate our books for free); eBooks; and unique, lavish social events with our writers and artists in many cities. via
The first time I heard of them was back in 2009 when they published the exhibition catalog for Jeff Mitchell and Roy McMakin's Pulliam Gallery show Joy & Reffry. Since then they've continued to work with Seattle artists, writers and galleries. They've published a book of John Roderick's tweets, novels by Matt Briggs, catalogs for the Open Satellite exhibitions of Meiro Koizumi and Heather & Ivan Morrison, an essay by Anne Focke, and stories by Sarah Lippek.

Sorrento Hotel by Joey Veltkamp

I was lucky enough to work with them on a book of my drawings (based on photographs by Chase Jarvis) from a magical night at the Sorrento Hotel, capped off by a midnight rooftop concert by Mudhoney. Songs for Eating and Drinking 3.0 was of an evening of amazing music and food during the hottest night of the summer back in 2009.

Charles Krafft, "Empty River Series," 1971

And as I mentioned in yesterday's post, Smith & Vallee will be hosting a reading of "A RIVER STORY" (which premiered last year at Western Bridge) on June 11th. Author Anna Linzer will be reading along with Elizabeth Huddle (formerly of Intiman Theater). Northwest artists Charles Kraft and Eli Hansen (who recently relocated to New York but will always be NW to me) both contributed art for special editions of the book.

Gretchen Bennett is also currently working on a book with them and from this picture, it looks like they might have started production yesterday. I can't wait to get my hands on this one!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Smith & Vallee / June 2011

Skagit River Delta, 2008 by Eli Hansen

Save the date because Smith & Vallee Gallery has a fantastic show lined up for June. The Salish Sea will feature art by 15 Northwest artists making art about the sea.

Also, author Anna Linzer, along with Matthew Stadler (Publication Studios) and Elizabeth Huddle (formerly of Intiman Theater) will be staging a reading of "A RIVER STORY", which will include art by Eli Hansen and Oscar Tuazon. A RIVER STORY is Linzer's latest novel, "...that takes place in Fishtown, a creative settlement of artists, poets, and scholars on the Skagit River beginning in the late 1960s. First performed last summer at Western Bridge in Seattle, this will be only the second staging of "A RIVER STORY".

There will be a light reception on Saturday, June 11th starting at 5:30pm. The performance begins at 6:30pm.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gala Bent update

Check out this cool new video for Helado Negro. It's animated by Gala Bent and art directed by Zack Bent. Also, Gala has a revamped website. She'll also be in this upcoming exhibition at Gage Academy.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gallery (206) is coming...

Photographer Todd Jannausch has been working very hard on cleaning up/restoring an old phone booth for the past several months. Now that he's got it all shiny and new, he's going to fill it up with art to create another one of his mini-galleries (Todd is also responsible for Gallery 40, as in 40 square feet of space).

Todd wanted to create a document that captured a slice of Seattle's art from one particular moment. 18 artists were given plexi-glass panels to make original art on. In addition, there will be an audio piece and Troy Gua is making a piece for the ceiling. Inside the booth, there will be a phone book with artwork by 206 Seattle artists.

panel detail

I've been thinking about loss lately. I'm not much of a naturalist but I do miss encounters with wildlife. It's still thrilling to see an eagle in the city. The last time I saw a raccoon in my neighborhood, I whipped out my camera to take a video. So for my Gallery (206) panels, I wanted to reintroduce animals into the city.

Gallery (206) will be placed in Occidental Park starting May 31st 2011.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ambach & Rice heads to L.A.

Installation shot from From Whence The Rainbow Came

Charlie Kitchings talks about Ambach & Rice's relocation to Los Angeles.
Their tendency to stay on the edges, however, is about to change. It’s the final weekend forAmbach & Rice in Seattle, and when they re-open in Los Angeles this September, it will be in a very central location on Wilshire Boulevard. With this move, Ambach & Rice join other west coast galleries, like San Francisco’s Jancar Jones, who have opted to make L.A. their new home.
Read the whole post over at New American Paintings/Blog.

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We’ve started restoring the posts that were temporarily removed and expect Blogger to be back to normal soon.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Blitz / May 2011

As always, plenty to see and do for Capitol Hill's art walk, Blitz. Here are a couple of recommendations.

Flower Collage #3 (in process) by Stasia Burrington

Stasia Burrington will be showing at Babeland. I just recently became familiar with her work when I attended Barnstorm.

by Counsel Langley

Counsel Langley is mixing things up for her latest show, GIRL MEETS UNIVERSE at Ghost Gallery. Looks great!

by Yuki Nakamura

Ben Beres and Toshi Asai have organized a fundraiser for Joe Bar this month in response to the Japanese earthquake. 100% of the proceeds raised will go toward non-profit Peacewinds. Donating artists include Etsuko Ichikawa, Maki Tamura, Junko Yamamoto and many more.

Place 97 by Ryan Molenkamp

And while not part of Blitz!, SAM Gallery is opening up a show of their most recent artists include folks like Ryan Molenkamp, Alice Case, Allyce Wood and many more! I'm in love with these new paintings by Ryan Molenkamp.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Benefit Party for Cait and Amber!

the ghost of Fruitstripe, 2011 by Joey Veltkamp

As previously mentioned, Cait Willis and Amber Anderson were recently in an accident with an uninsured motorist. There will be a benefit party at Vermillion on Sunday May 22 from 7-10pm to help defray medical expenses.

Jim Woodring hosts and you can, "Expect an unsurpassed selection of Seattle artist's work for sale via silent auction, live performances and demonstrations emceed by the one and only comedic genius Emmet Montgomery!"

The silent auction will include small art items by Troy Gua, Trevor Johnson, Ryan Molenkamp, Rhett Neal, Nicholas Brown, Michael Alm, Mary Elise Bolam, Liz Tran, Lisa Mei Ling Fong, Kendal Tull-Esterbrook, Kelly J. Brownlee, Joey Veltkamp, Jim Woodring, Jesse Higman, Jess Rees, Jennifer Jane, Jeanie Lewis, Izzie Klingels, Greg Boudreau, David Lasky, Dalton Web
b, Counsel Langley, Cait Willis, Bob Suh, Andie deRoux, Amber Anderson, Amanda Dellinger and more on the way. If you're interested in donating, please contact unicorns4caitandamber@gmail.com.

More info here.

Monday, May 9, 2011

In the studio with Whiting Tennis

Studio shot

I had a great studio visit with Whiting Tennis last week. He's busily preparing for a big show at the Tang Museum this Fall. It's going to be awesome. Read about it over at New American Paintings/Blog.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Do you like getting exploited to make art? Then you're going to love the Henry's latest exhibition, The Talent Show, featuring work by Stanley Brouwn, Chris Burden, Sophie Calle, Peter Campus, Graciela Carnevale, Phil Collins, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Tehching Hsieh, David Lamelas, Piero Manzoni, Adrian Piper, Amie Siegel, John Smith, Andy Warhol, Gillian Wearing, Hannah Wilke, Shizuka Yokomizo, Carey Young.

Works exhibited blur the lines between audience and artists. In an era of Facebook, reality tv and public living, this doesn't seem unusual but some of the work dates back to the late 60s.

Context #7 by Adrian Piper (image via)

The show opens up tonight as part of Henry Open House. Like always, they have tons of fun activities planned.
Cupcakes & Beer
Live performances of Melanie Valera's Tender Forever
Green Scene Dance Scene!
Reality TV star costume contest (dress up like Snooki!)
Talent Show-interventions by Jason Hirata
Members' Choice Gallery
8 - 11pm / 6-8pm members & patrons preview / $12 general (free for members)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Act 2 / Roy McMakin

A great piece in LA Times Magazine about one of Roy McMakin's iconic redesigns.
When Roy McMakin first visited the Berro residence in 1997, the label-defying artist/craftsman/candlestick maker was just hitting his stride, boldly trespassing the boundaries of professional identity. He had been commissioned by a young couple, Jodie and Alan Berro, to bring both order and imagination to their derelict (albeit historically significant) white elephant of a house.

The hydra-headed project produced not only a milestone in McMakin’s career but a highly visible landmark along the boulevards of Beverly Hills—one familiar to design junkies across the globe, thanks to countless magazine articles and books.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Barnstorm Sneak Peak / May 5-7

A Sneak Peek Into Barnstorm – Set to Launch This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

The stage is set, the lamps are wired, the proverbial “barn” has been raised and the artists have begun to preview their work for a small audience of their producers in the lead-up to the launch of Barnstorm: The Cabaret Re-Imagined.

Barnstorm is a new arts event in Seattle. There is no format or template for presentation, there is no assigned seating or expectations, there’s no call time or paid ushers to shepherd you to your seat. There is food and booze, however, and there is new art from emerging and established artists who have engaged and grappled with various social issues across a range of disciplines. Barnstorm is more of a new arts hang-out that takes place between May 5-7 from six in the evening going until two in the morning.

The curation of Barnstorm was an exciting and difficult process. It required much more blending than it did a meeting of theme or agenda. Blending of young and experienced artists, blending of subjects, blending of comedy and gravity. As a result, there’s a range of topics tackled and no clear route as to how the artists are making their way to their audience.

by Rajaa Gharbi

Take for instance, Rajaa Gharbi, one of the show’s featured painters and poets. She’s a Tunisian-American who is continuing the conversation about the revolution in her country through the work she is sharing at Barnstorm. She is drawn to fluidity and water in her work and features a Mediterranean-influenced palette. She is also fundraising like mad to establish Tunisia’s first independent radio station. At Barnstorm, she will read, show her work, and answer questions.

Manuel Castro & Tikka Sears

Blend this with Manuel Castro and Tikka Sears, Artistic Directors of Memory War Theater, who have joined creative forces to present their newest multimedia play, Below U.S. Combining physical theater, shadow puppetry, and text drawn from interviews with community members, Below U.S. brings powerful, cross-cultural stories that deepen our understanding of the experiences of those living at the borders of cultures, languages, ethnicities and identities in Hybrid America. Most of the characters are portrayed by the versatile Sears, and include an array of real and imagined individuals, creating a visually striking multimedia experience that is layered, searing, funny, and explosive.

Calling Mary Kate

Throw all this in with a satirical rock musical titled “Calling Mary Kate.” The company’s performance ranges through the entire Barnstorm environment and you can read their call to arms below:

“If you act now, you too can profit off of World War 3! Mary Kate Olsen and Jack Fool, the unlicensed, psychedelic therapist, conspired to create a game-changing design that will take the nation by storm. You are cordially invited to the product launch of World War 3 DOLLS! Come experience this once in a lifetime opportunity to invest, Invest INVEST! Our top tier investors will be able to get their hands on the elusive Dead Ledger Doll while supplies last! Warning: this product may cause you to realize that cancer is not a disease. It is a symptom of an imbalanced culture hell-bent on becoming zombiez."

These are just three of the more than twenty projects presented at Barnstorm – a space for artists, built by hand by other artists. Join us for a beer and conversation on May 5-7. Learn more about the project at barnstormcabaret.org.


This is a guest post by the fine folks of Quiet Heroes on a Rainy Night.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Tequila Limone & Brandi Carlile / Cupcake Royale

Tequila Limone cupcakes by Cupcake Royale

Unicorns and glitter are pretty awesome but if push came to shove, I'd prefer cupcakes and music.

Since I'm a dessert first kind of fella, let's start with cake. To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Cupcake Royale is presenting a Tequila Limone cupcake. I would really like one right now. But you better act fast, because after May 5 they'll be replaced with May's cupcake of the month, Pistachio Lemon.

And tomorrow (Tuesday, May 3rd) local singer Brandi Carlile will be stopping by Cupcake Royale's Capitol Hill location for a free in-store performance at 4pm. She'll be singing a few songs from her latest album, Brandi Carlile – Live at Benaroya Hall with the Seattle Symphony. Copies will be available for $12 each - support your local artist.