Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Non-sufficient Funds / Vermillion

Still image from Paul Rucker's "Proliferation" © 2010

The prison system is a mess and our War on Drugs is a sham! That's as far as today's political commentary will go. But I really do encourage you to swing by Vermillion for this great show of art by 12 prison-artists from the Washington State Reformatory in Monroe.
This exhibition of more than 50 acrylic paintings, graphite drawings and one video installation address abstract, figurative, allegorical and spiritual concerns. Non-Sufficient Funds is the culmination of over a year’s worth of weekly studio sessions within the prison and the brainchild of Pete Brook, a dedicated volunteer and board member of the University Beyond Bars.
Paul Rucker will be showing Proliferation, a video about the growth US Prison system set to original music, and Buddy Bunting will show a 13 foot long painting of a prison.

There will be an opening reception at Vermillion tomorrow (Thursday) from 5-8pm.

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