Saturday, April 30, 2011

Artsy Saturday

Amy-Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger (
photo by Adam L. Weintraub)

Despite the potential of sun tomorrow (with a promised 66 degrees!), I'm feeling very grey these days. I'm certainly not the only one; I don't recall ever hearing more complaining about the weather in the 14 years I've lived here. I know we all felt a bit of relief when Cliff Mass confirmed that we weren't just being exceptionally whiny.

In her annual show of solidarity (rebellion/despair/protest?) with the weather, local artist Amy-Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger does a month long performance piece called Monochromatic May. For 31 days, she can wear only the color grey (in all its shades). But deciding what is and what's isn't grey is more difficult than you might think and so Amy-Ellen created a Color Court to serve as the final arbiter. Today, from 4:30 to 6:30, come to Vermillion to be cast your vote of nay or grey.

Super Star, 2008 Olafur Eliasson (photo by Mark Woods)
Super Star2008Brass, color effect filter glass, steel, halogen bulb
39 3/8" each dimension, installation view at Western Bridge

Western Bridge's Light in Darkness closes today. Go between noon and 6pm to see works by Benjamin Bergmann, Andy Coolquitt, Martin Creed, Jason Dodge, Olafur Eliasson, Spencer Finch, Hadley+Maxwell, Eli Hansen and Oscar Tuazon, Jeppe Hein, Euan Macdonald, Roy McMakin, João Penalva, Will Rogan, Michael Sailstorfer, Crispin Spaeth, Mungo Thomson, and Claude Zervas.

Blue Studio by Paul Thorpe, 33” x 44", oil on canvas

It's also the last day (between 2 and 5pm today) to see Paul Thorpe's show. Read his back story and get directions to the SODO gallery here.

Boating with Clyde + Hedreen Gallery = Flotilla Summer

This sounds like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

THE HEDREEN GALLERY and BOATING WITH CLYDE present: Flotilla Summer. Join us at Gasworks Park this Saturday, April 30th, at 2pm for a special FACE TIME show hosted by seattle filmmaker, musician, and arts instigator CLYDE PETERSON. This afternoon maritime music will feature performances by YOUR HEART BREAKS, SLASHED TIRES, BLANKET TRUTH, and IJI.

Polar Bear, 2009 by Nick Cave
Mixed media (image via Jack Shainman Gallery)

Yes, we've had several Spring moments so far but I'm missing explosions of color. If I wasn't already committed to interviewing Pride Foundation scholars all day (one of my favorite days of the year!), I would probably be swinging by Nick Cave's Meet Me at the Center of the Earth exhibition at SAM to get a quick pick-me-up from its riotous color.

"Mini Weak Signal 2" by Cait Willis (image via Ghost Gallery)
5x5 acrylic on panel

Cait Willis has an amazingly weird/amazingly awesome show called Weak Signals, Glitches, Criminal Minds & Sly Stallone up at Ghost Gallery through May 6th. Unfortunately, Cait Willis (and Amber Anderson) were recently in a car wreck with an uninsured drunk driver and suffered serious injuries. There will be a benefit on May 22nd with proceeds going to medical and legal expenses but in the meantime, I know that as an artist, the biggest way you could support me is to buy my art. So if you're in the market for art by an extremely affordable emerging artist or want to buy someone (like me!) an awesome present, you should swing by Ghost Gallery. Or preview the whole show online here. There will also be an informal closing reception this Wednesday from 6-8pm. Speedy recoveries to both Cait and Amber! xo


And if you find yourself at the Tashiro Kaplan building today, artist Brian Murphy will be having a sale (of both his art and art he's collected during his time in Seattle) as he gets ready to move. And SOIL will be having a informal closing party for DUG II and Chris Buening's Backspace show tonight from 5-6pm.

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