Monday, April 25, 2011

Aaron Smith / Coterie of the Wooly-Woofter

Chippy (detail), 2008, oil on panel, 28" x 28"

I really have to get a handle on why I'm so obsessed with thick, impasto painting. Every time I find a new artist who paints like this, I can't help excitedly sending them fan mail. They've all been so sweet but it's getting embarrassing.

2 Beards, 2009, oil on panel, 60" x 48"

These paintings by Aaron Smith are so beautiful. I love them all but I think I have an extra soft spot for his Musee and Mucksnipes series. He'll be showing at Sloan Fine Art for the month of June - a great excuse to get to NYC and see them in person!

Gawpers, 2008, oil on panel, 48" x 36"

Coterie of the Wooly-Woofter will be, "...a bad-ass neo-dandy beardo brigade from beyond time. Part reality, part invention of the artist, the “Coterie of the Wooly-Woofter” exemplifies a convergence of spectacular subcultures - from Dandyism, Freak Folk, Steam Punk and Bear Culture, to Beard and Mustache enthusiasts - that revel in the exaggeration of masculinity's archetypes and encourage men to play freely with past forms of male identity.

If you want to read more about Aaron and his work, here's a great profile on him from The Advocate.

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harold hollingsworth said...

wow, I get excited by thickly applied paint as well, nice find Joey!