Sunday, March 27, 2011



I was fiddling around with images one day in Photoshop and ended up liking the image above and used it as my FB profile picture. Some friends said that they wanted it on a tshirt. Cafe Presse makes it super easy and I had a tshirt shop set up in minutes.

Look, some folks even followed through and actually bought one. And they're not just for bears - wouldn't your baby look adorable wearing this? I think I might scrawl, "Bear-in-training" on some of them and give them to kids of friends.

by Joey Veltkamp

Okay, actually, if you have any disposable income - it'd be way better to save your pennies and buy this tshirt! Twelve local artists were invited to do their take on Topstache. And if you've been looking for a jaunty polar bear on a bright yellow tshirt, your search is over - I went ahead and drew it for you.

Money raised from tshirt sales goes to Art With Heart ("Art with H
eart helps kids through the healing power of creativity."). All tshirts are $25 and the other artists are Anchor Tattoo, Brandon Ilenstine, Curtis James, Electric Coffin, Heidi Sandhorst, Jthree Concepts, Lauren Curtis, Marc Tweed, Narboo, StarHeadBoy, and Stubborn Sideburn.

Jared K Nickerson / Jthree Concepts

There will also be a big bash this Saturday (April 2, 6-10pm) at the Piranha Shop (formerly Ouch My Eye Gallery), including a group show of the artists to launch the charity line of tshirts.
"View art, Drink a cocktail, and Buy a T-shirt to show your support for Art With Heart."

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