Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trotter by Amanda Manitach / NEPO Little Treats

Included are works about paratactic repetition, digestion, puerile slippage, baboonish ha-ha-ing, and trotting, realized in powder-white forests of pigs' feet and bouquets of imbecilically impacted drapery.
Yep, that sounds like Amanda Manitach! Normally a forest of pigs' feet wouldn't be pretty but Amanda has an amazing ability to transform the vulgar and grotesque into something surprisingly beautiful (syphilitic vaginas, jewel-embroidered tongue of lamb). Trotter will be the second installation of NEPO House's new smaller shows, Little Treats.
Please join us for the opening on Saturday March 5th 2011, 6 - 8 pm. As a small culinary treat, bacon-wrapped dates will be served from the kitchen. Special screening of Cremaster 4 following the show at 8 pm.
Amanda is also going to be exhibiting new work, along with Ryan Molenkamp, at Vermillion beginning next week. The show opens Thursday as part of Blitz!, reception from 5-8pm.

She's also the inaugural writer for Sharon Arnold's art subscription project, LxWxH. There will be copies available for purchase at Vermillion during Blitz!


Also, today at 2pm, Julie Alpert & Andy Arkley will talk about their show FLAT & BRIGHT. And I'll say a few words about my backspace show.

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