Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Show and Tell: Objectivity / Cornish

Tonight (Wed March 2), Cornish is opening up a new exhibition called Show and Tell: Objectivity, which, "...will examine art's "thingness", while also referring to an unbiased presentation."

The show is group-curated by Cornish faculty and staff members who each chose an artist to present. At 5:30, Cornish faculty and staff will talk about their selections. Here's a full list of artists and presenters.
This ongoing project aims to promote lively discussion while building connections and community through exhibition, explanation, and example.
Cornish Main Gallery, 5-8pm
BBQ by Bon Appetit


Jenifer Ward said...

Thanks for posting this, Joey! It was a fun event, and the "tell" presentations were captured on video. After editing, they'll be available for folks to see who come to the show.

Cable Griffith said...

I second that! Thanks Joey for spreading the word. -C