Monday, March 7, 2011

Josh Faught

How to Beat the High Cost of Living (detail), 2009 by Josh Faught
hand woven cotton, nail polish, toilet paper, silk flowers, indigo, sequins, and ink
92 x 72 inches (image via Lisa Cooley)

I've been thinking about Josh Faught a lot lately (again). While doing some research, I came across this exchange between him and artist Steven Frost on the Art21 blog.

You Can't Live Scared (detail), 2007 by Josh Faught
Crocheted Hemp, pin, plaster, spray paint, and super 8 film
(image via Lisa Cooley)
In an email conversation, I asked Josh about the place of queerness in contemporary craft. He wrote, “Recently, I’ve heard discussions that suggest that the site of queerness in fact, no longer resides in the body. But instead, it exists immaterially or spiritually, like a specter that has the ability to haunt culture.”
I think there's something beautiful in the idea of queerness being an external spirit (ghost/phantom) that chooses to possess someone.

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