Monday, March 7, 2011

Joey Bates interviews Chris Crites

Great Depression - 1930's Los Angeles by Chris Crites
Acrylic on paper bag, 18"w x 25.625"h

Artist Joey Bates recently started a great new Seattle-focused art blog called More Than a Bit, which focuses on studio visits, artistic process and interviews. He's off to a great start; here's his interview with artist Chris Crites.

In response to Joey's question about why not use recent mugshots?
In the time period I focus on, the 1890s to the 1950s, people dress so much nicer. They have greater outfits; they’re looking really sharp and dapper. They have hats or their hair is done. They’re a lot more interesting than what people look like now. Most mug shots I find online now people are in just a t-shirt or fat, not very interesting. Looking at the thirties and forties, you have the Great Depression, World War II; it’s a totally different world. There wasn’t as much media, you had newspapers and magazines, but people were connected in different ways. I like the buffer of history and recycling images. - Chris Crites via

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Anonymous said...

I saw some of these at Bherd in the portrait show a few months back. They were so hauting and detailed, I loved them. Your 80s one was cute too Joey.