Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Interview with Serge Gay, Jr.

Life, 2010 by Serge Gay, Jr.
Acrylic, 20×20

I just read an awesome interview with Serge Gay, Jr. on Monsterfresh. The interview was conducted by Leilani Lewis who also runs the local art blog Pro-Pepper ("Arts and Events with flavor"). Like Leilani, I had just recently heard of Gay's work when it was featured in the Wes Anderson-themed show Bad Dads. He's probably most famous though for being part of the duo that created Cee Lo Green's most recent video, Fuck You. Gay will be in the upcoming Bold Hype Gallery show, Quentin vs Coen.

Hair Dress by Serge Gay, Jr.
13 x 16 inches, Glclee on 100% cotton rag paper

Updated: Want to own your Serge Gay, Jr.? 1xRUN is offering a limited edition print of his piece Hair Dress for only $45!

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