Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dark Room Trio / Western Bridge

Chay Norton & Kathy Lawson / Crispin Spaeth's 'Dark Room'
Photo by Benjamin Kirby, 2006

I've heard rumblings that it was coming back but Western Bridge made it official yesterday by sending out the announcement for Crispin Spaeth's Dark Room Trio. The original Dark Room premiered at Western Bridge back in 2006, the entire dance performance happens in a room lit only by infrared spectrum. Because the room is completely dark, the audience gets night vision goggles but the dancers rely on non-visual cues.

It's a really strange way to watch the performance. At times, you get distracted and end up looking at someone sitting across from you. There's a tension - will the dancers collide with each other? Miss a mark and run into a wall? The night vision goggles (which remind me of war or Silence of the Lambs) add another eerie layer. Yann Novak composed the unsettling minimalist soundtrack which matches the mood perfectly. Yann will also be performing his piece Presence live at Henry Art Gallery this Friday.

Tickets are free but you need a reservation. This was one of my favorite things I've ever seen at Western Bridge (and that's saying something)! It will go perfectly with their current show, Light in Darkness. Dark Room runs April 8 - April 23 and will be performed by Annie Hewlett, Elia Mrak, and Kathryn Padberg.

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