Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Current influences...

Ghosts, 2010 by Kim Dorland
oil, acrylic, nails, string, yarn, glass, paper, spraypaint on wood
60 x 48 inches (image via)

I've been lost in the worlds of Kim Dorland and Allison Schulnik lately. I feel a total artistic kinship to their subject matter of owl-ghosts, radioactive deer, painterly flowers and lush forests.

The Funeral Party #2 (and details), 2010 by Allison Schulnik
oil on linen, 84" x 136" (image via artist)

And I am in awe of their handling of paint; I don't know how they're able to pull images out of the piles and blobs of velvety oils.

Ghost (Deer), 2010 by Kim Dorland
Oil, glitter, and string on wood panel
72 x 60 inches (image via)

For his last show, New Material, Kim started integrating heavy amounts of glitter and thread, which I think is a really cool direction.

by Allison Schulnik (image via)

Allison remains deeply committed to paint but also does amazing ceramics and video.

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