Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Capitol Hill Art Walk / March 2011

Lots and lots of great art to see this Thursday. Here are a few highlights.

by Rumi Koshino

The Living Room will be showing then by Rumi Koshino.
In the last year and a half Rumi Koshino moved four times, each move coinciding with abrupt transitions. "then" is a photographic documentation of three of the five apartments she has recently lived in. This installation attempts to blur the distinction between self portraiture and photographed spaces, while investigating the accumulated cultures, history, and emotion embedded within them.
by Andy Wentz

Joe Bar is showing new digital prints by Andy Wentz. You Name It is the artist's Seattle debut. More details here!

by Matt Martin

The fine folks at retrofit home will be hosting a champagne reception to open artist/graphic designer Matt Martin's latest show.
In his latest series of work...continues to be influenced by motion, contrast, and the materials he works with. Passing glances of urban structures are revealed as fragile components of a larger universe in flux that is at once expanding and imploding in ribbons and washes of rich, vibrant color. Through his working process of heavy layering and reduction, the results arise organically and seem to crystallize the final moments of the recognizable before being completely consumed by vivid abstraction.

by Barbara Trentalange

Singer Barbara Trentalange did double duty as a painter for this series of musicians that she'd like to work with for her new show at Cupcake Royale called Baby Napping Series: Northwest Musicians.

by Jess Rees

'Urban naturalist and artist' Jess Rees will be showing upstairs at CakeSpy. Pretty Little Things will feature a curiosity cabinet, new feather paintings and more.
She explores the space between natural and constructed worlds, and provides a vision of life across its manifestations. Through installation, sculpture, and drawing Jess Rees's work presents themes of ecology, biology, psychology, history and art.
Indy #20 2010 by Roy Powell

The art studio/gallery space of Local 1520 (Greg Boudreau, Roy Powell, Peter Loyd, Abiel Hoff) will be open for Blitz. More details here.

The Visitor, 2009 by Ryan Molenkamp

Ryan Molenkamp's Regrading at Vermillion will have paintings from four different bodies of work, unified under an umbrella of "material, mood, and style". I'm especially excited to see the new branch in his Place paintings where landscape has now morphed into floral bouquets. They look beautiful.

Amanda Manitach will also be showing new work at Vermillion. Fold will be "a collection of vapid recursions and ecstatic bifurcations".

Also at Vermillion, Sharon Arnold will be selling the limited edition (20) of the inaugural issue of LxWxH. $125 buys you two original pieces of art (a painting by Susanna Bluhm, a drawing by me) and an original essay (by Amanda Manitach this issue).

There's no Penetration this week (it happened last week). But Midday Veil will be playing at The Comet, so that'd be the perfect afterparty.


PS - I like the unintentional tension of the two b&w paintings above; it's like the bear is looking up distractedly right before Roy's race car comes barreling around the track. LOOK OUT, BEAR!


harold hollingsworth said...

dig that Roy Powell work!

Joey Veltkamp said...

I know, right? Aquacote - mmm.