Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cans by Matthew Cox / Angle Gallery

fir shelf with repair, 2009, wood and ceramic
18 x 22 1/2 x 18 3/4 inches

Matthew Cox will be showing some of his amazing cans (which are slip cast or turned wood) and custom shelves at Angle Gallery (in the TK). The show is up through April 2nd with an opening reception tonight.

Me (as Tom Sawyer*) + Jeffry Mitchell in front of Matt's plinths.

Matt's day job is managing the collections and exhibitions at Western Bridge so it makes sense that his art would reflect that. I loved his minimalist plinth's for the Crawl Space show Call & Response.
I started turning cans from wood, then began casting them in clay. It wasn't clear to me why I was making cans or where they were going, but the form was so appealingly simple and practical. It is a very familiar form and I thought that was a interesting quality. The wood cans inevitably dry and crack and the clay cans shrink leaving them flawed from their original inception, but you still know it's a can. In the same way you know the large red, white and blue circle over Highway 99 is for Pepsi, even without "Pepsi" written on it. You believe because your brain tells you to trust your eyes. - Matthew Cox
* Jeffry curated Call & Response and one night at happy hour, we hatched a 'brilliant' that I would do a performance piece dressed up as Tom Sawyer.