Thursday, March 17, 2011

Art happenings tonight.

If you're not out drinking green beers, here are some art events happening tonight.

New Northwest Coastal Living by Nathan DiPietro
19.25" x 46.25" (image via)

Nathan DiPietro will be showing beautiful new egg tempera paintings at Woodside/Braseth. New Northwest Coast: An Investigation of Seabrook Washington looks at an idyllic coastal town and the dark forest surrounding it. I haven't seen them in person yet but they look very ominous on the screen. I really like Nathan's exploration of the darker side of American expansion. I don't know if it's intentional or if I'm just projecting. Check them out tonight from 5:30 - 8:30. Also showing, Mirror Tent by Jared Rue.

by Saya Moriyasu

The Henry will be hosting Kirkland Art Center's lecture tonight for their current exhibition (Be)longing: Apprehensions and Opportunity at the Cultural Crossroads. The talk starts at 7pm and participants include curator Mercy Trent and artists Sonny Assu, Diem Chau, Tess Martin, Saya Moriyasu, and Remedios Rapoport. Free.

Diem Chau and Saya Moriyasu are also raising funds for raising funds for Japanese earthquake relief. Diem is auctioning off a custom family portrait rendered in crayon for $10 a pop. At last look, she's helped to raise nearly $3,500! Saya will be donating prints (a collaboration with Maki Tamura and Nicholas Nyland) as part of a big fundraiser called Artists for Japan at KOBO at HIGO happening next Saturday. Other donating artists include Etsuko Ichikawa, Junko Yamamot0, Elizabeth Jameson, Roger Shimomura, Ellen Ziegler and many more! And Junko is also having an opening of her work this Saturday at KOBO at HIGO.

Peacock (colored) by Urban Soule / Kim McCarthy

Urban Soule (aka Kim McCarthy) has an opening tonight from 6-9 pm at Bedlam Coffee in Belltown as part of Belltown's Art Walk & More.

Also, Ver(a)rt Gallery will be having a reception for COLORBLIND.

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