Monday, February 21, 2011

Kurt Timmermeister on Martha Stewart

image via Kurt's FB page

Best news I'll hear all week and it's only Monday! Local author Kurt Timmermeister will be on the Martha Stewart Show on March 1st to promote his book Growing a Farmer.

I'm such a gay cliche when it comes to my love of Martha! I've been watching her show for years and to have a friend appear is going to blow my mind. On the show, they will, "...churn some butter, bake some bread and share pickles, jam, butter, Dinah's Cheese and Francesca's Cheese..." We'll have to have a viewing party with lots of French 75s.

Tune in Tuesday, March 1st at 10am. It's on Channel 19 (Hallmark) for me. Congratulations Kurt!

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