Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alexander Kroll / NAP blog interview

Alexander Kroll, Untitled, 2010 (image via)
Oil and Ink on Mylar, 11 x 7 inches

Erin Langner and I have started posting about Seattle-centric artists/shows for the fine folks over at New American Paintings Blog. Erin has already done a studio visit with Matthew Offenbacher and a review for Vic Haven's show at Greg Kucera. My first post is a mini-interview with artist Alexander Kroll, currently on view at James Harris Gallery.
JV: This will be your second show at James Harris Gallery in a year. How lucky for us! A lot has changed in both materials and content--can you talk about how the two shows differ?

AK: My first show with Jim was of “Network” paintings. I was exploring the idea of a diagramatic structure in a painting serving as a kind of spatial marker. This was interesting to me as it seemed to encompass abstraction as a historical proposition as well as a living, breathing mode of thought. The networks did this by speaking to both the gesture and the grid as ideas. I am really committed to the idea of painting as a mode of thought, as a theoretical activity. Ideas exist in painting not just as visual motifs, but also as objects of meaning, intensity and experience.
You can read the rest here. Next up will be Philip Miner and Susanna Bluhm.

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