Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2nd Thursday, Capitol HIll

My City Is An Ashtray, 2010 by Brad Ewing
Letterpress, Polymer, 15 x 15 inches

Lots of great art to see this Thursday. Here are a couple of highlights; you can see a complete list here.

Joe Bar will be showing "Light Leaks" by NYC artists (and former Cornish students) Michael Neff and Brad Ewing.
"Ewing carefully allocates incidental moments of “lens flare” – an oft-described as “technically undesirable” phenomenon wherein natural light enters the camera lens at an oblong angle, causing refractions within the lens structure, and yielding ascending rows of polygon shaped colors darting across the surface of the image like some supernatural spill."
Tangerine Gift Box, 2010 by Michael Neff
Screenprint, 10 1/16 x 15 7/8 inches (image via)
"Michael Neff uses photography to point our eye toward the unnoticed, in this case the discarded remnants of printed materials. These production cast offs become highlights in his images,recalling Rauschenberg and Warhol. Rather than embellish the found artifact, Neff allows inspection without commentary. Finding these images out of context reminds us that image making is bound up in a material process. That process becomes object in this group of photographs."
Hot n' Cool and Bittersweet by Klara Glosova

The Living Room will be opening up Hot n' Cool and Bittersweet by Klara Glosova.
"This show is about transformation, invoking the creative feminine principle, and embracing the contradictory truths of the opposites. With reverence for the ancient art of alchemy, Klara Glosova conjures up new culinary concoctions in her kitchen. Using popsicle form as a vessel she attempts to turn bitterness and grudge into sweetness and to transform hotness into coolness. Please come see for yourself and taste the fruits of her labor."

Lion by Greg Boudreau (image via)
Spray paint stencil on salvaged wood frame

Greg Boudreau has turned his eye to big game hunting for his latest show at Ghost Gallery. It reminds me of the endless hours I spent watching Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom as a child.

STAINLESS by Keith Murakata
Cast Stainless Steel, Black Marble, Hidden Impurities

And if you haven't seen Captain America and Afro Picks by Keith Murakata at Pun(c)tuation yet, they're open til 7pm on Thursday.
"An exploration of iconography and radical stripping of clichés. Keith Murakata flips the eagle and burns the banner of the strangled stars of this hegemonic, struggling thing called America. Through media sources, cast metals, ceramics, and wood, Murakata creates altered figurative sculptures that reexamine the historical toll these icons symbolize (and enact) upon the American people’s psyche, and their surprising international reach. Each piece blends history with present realities, the factual with the spiritual, and deep, indigenous truths with contemporary compromises."

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