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1st Thursday, March 2011

When it rains, it pours, 2010 by Jonah Sampson
gouache on vintage photograph, 6.5 x 4.25 inches
(image via G Gibson)

It looks like G. Gibson Gallery has a couple of fun shows opening. Jonah Sampson alters old-timey photographs to create sly paintings about relationships, closeted Republicans and illicit sex for his show Paintings from the Archives of the Pleasantville Historical Society.

Bear, 2004 by Thomas Allen (image via G Gibson)
chromogenic print, 20 x 24 inches, edition of 15

Thomas Allen's Endnotes feature c-prints of dime-store novels whose covers have been altered to reflect the stories within.

59.2, 2010, by Rachel Illingworth
Monoprint, 14 passes through the press, 30” T x 40” W
(image via Catherine Person Gallery)

Catherine Person Gallery's group show Contained will feature the work of Rachel Illingworth, Chris Haddad and Kim Van Someren.

COMES THE NIGHT, 2010 by Joseph Goldberg
Encaustic on linen over wood panel, 24 x 32 inches
(image via Greg Kucera Gallery)

Pushed back a week due to odd weather, Greg Kucera Gallery will be opening up a pair of great shows. During a recent conversation, the question of which artists embody a Northwest spirit came up. With his abstract landscapes, trees and owls, Joseph Goldberg definitely feels like a Northwest minimalist. See his new work in Paintings.

UNTITLED (HANDSOME YOUNG MAN), 2010 by Kerry James Marshall
Hardground etching, 22.5 x 19 inches, Edition of 50
(image via Greg Kucera Gallery

If you're like me and missed Kerry James Marshall's recent show up at VAG (I'm still kicking myself!) all is not lost - you can still get your fix at Greg Kucera's where he'll be showing Recent Etchings.

Enhanced Sunspots, After Galileo, 2010 by Rachel Brumer
Fiber, 41 x 37 inches

Rachel Brumer will be showing her several of her enhanced sunspots at Grover/Thurston Gallery. You can read about her process here.

Red Line, 2011 by Sue Danielson
36" x 36", acrylic (image via artist)

Sue Danielson will have a new show of work at Core Gallery. Touching the Wall will include paintings, sculpture and fiber.

oil on canvas 36" x 36" (image via Foster/White Gallery)

Bratsa Bonifacho's paintings read like sedimentary layers of his life. IN NUCLEO is full of interesting abstracts that reflect the electronic communication of his current environment.

Billed as “50 Ar
tists, 50 Coffins, 1 Awesome show.“, Boxes of Death 2 / Electric Coffin Studio will showcase 50 handmade coffins. Participating artists include Carlos Aguilar, Japhy Witte, Xavier Loperz, John Osgood, Parskid, Solace, Stacy Rozich, Urban Soule and many more.

Dead Reckoning (detail) Panel 9, 2010 by Claire Cowie
Gouache, Acrylic, Watercolor, India Ink and Collage on paper, 100" x 90"
(Image via James Harris Gallery)

Claire Cowie has been working on a 12 panel (100" x 90" total) painting called Dead Reckoning, "which is a term used to describe the process of estimating one's current position based upon a previously known position and the distance, speed and direction one has traveled."

Also at JHG, Efrain Almeida shows his folk woodcarvings in the front space.

Video still from Bye Bye Birdy, 2011 Andy Arkley w/ Julie Alpert
(image via SOIL)

Collaborators in life and sometimes art, Andy Arkley and Julie Alpert have transformed SOIL into a trippy funland for FLAT & BRIGHT! Blackout curtains on all the windows and the only light comes from the videos or sculptures themselves. A huge elephant squiring water, pats of butter, a RAINBOW! and much more will make this a show to remember.

Glitter Ghosts, 2011 by Joey Veltkamp
Ceramic, paint, glue, glitter

I'm super happy to be in the Backspace at SOIL with them this month; the shows have a great dialog going. the ghosts of Joey Veltkamp is a memorial to loss with 32 ceramic ghosts of heroes, villains and histories.


Also, don't miss Susan Melrath at The Virginia Inn, James Cicatko at Gallery4Culture and Marie Gagnon (and the rest of 619)!

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Lots of good shows to see but will say I've been super excited about the Joseph Goldberg show.