Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1st Thursday at SOIL

Installation shot, image via Saya Moriyasu/Nicholas Nyland

SOIL will be doing their 3rd window installation at ACT and I asked Saya Moriyasu if she could send over some preview photos. I can't wait to see them all in person.

Installation shot, image via Saya Moriyasu/Nicholas Nyland

Artists Jason Hirata and Chauney Peck did a window together, and so did Jana Brevick, Curtis Erlinger and Ben Hirschkoff. Trio Saya Moriyasu, Nicholas Nyland and Maki Tamura took the remaining three to create A Clearing in the Clouds. The opening is this Thursday from 4-6pm. Full details here.

Video still from One Day I'll Grow Up by Susanna Bluhm & Joey Veltkamp

And over at SOIL, Susanna Bluhm and Amanda Manitach curated a show around the theme of Bloom & Collapse. Seven artist pairs (Elise Richman and Saya Moriyasu, Etsuko Ichikawa and Laura Ward, Troy Gua and Shaun Kardinal, Margie Livingston and Thom Heileson, Ryan Molenkamp and Sharon Arnold, Damon Mori and Amanda Manitach, Joey Veltkamp and Susanna Bluhm) each addressed a different aspect of the theme. I wanted to show Margie and Thom's piece but I wasn't sure if they want to wait to for the show to debut it. It's really cool, especially considering they were never even in the same room together.

I really love all the pieces; the way everyone approached the idea of collaboration was really interesting. Sharon Arnold and Ryan Molenkamp had this ongoing push/pull between addition and excavation, control versus chaos.
As a vaguely overarching--yet eternally relevant--subject in our daily lives, decay manifests here in the deconstructive potential of materials, time-based processes, elemental exposure, chance, and digital and analog disintegration. In collaborative work that includes audio installation, animated video, painting, and time-based sculpture, the role of community is emphasized in formulating structure around the fact of universal loss.
The opening is this Thursday (Feb 3) from 6-8pm. Tim Cross has some cool new paintings on photographs in the backspace.

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