Saturday, January 22, 2011

Summer at Cornish

Bless This Mess by Josh Faught
image via Greg Kucera Gallery

Do you know any young adults between the ages of 15-18 who have artistic inclinations? Then you'll want to make sure they know all about Summer at Cornish. Seattle Magazine called the program "The coolest summer camp for teens" and it'd be hard to argue with that.

The program is full of some of Seattle's most talented artists who will be teaching some really great classes. Joe Park will be teaching a class on how to paint, Jeffry Mitchell will be doing a drawing class, Gretchen Bennett will leading a class on making a videos, and Ellen Forney will teach you how to make comics. along with a bunch of other really interesting classes. Here is the full class list for Art + Design.

I even get to teach a class! I've previously mentioned that my aunt used to own Yarn & Needle Arts in Bozeman. Instead of shooting guns and riding horse, I'd spend my summers doing needlepoint and macramé (much to my father's chagrin). It left me with a lifelong love of fiber arts but is also something I rarely explore in my own artistic practice. So when invited to teach, I figured it was a great time to revisit those beautiful memories of my childhood by developing a class called Fiber Sculpture and Assemblage.
This sculpture class will examine the resurgence of fiber arts through a contemporary lens. Using artists such as Mandy Greer, Josh Faught, and Mark Newport for inspiration, each session will be spent working alongside guest artists building a component piece (macramé, felting, other fiber arts) for a larger assemblage each student will create at the end of the course. This course will also focus on 1970s iconography and compositional considerations.

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