Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sean Alexander / Fulcrum Gallery

The God Cat by Sean Alexander

I think the majority of best of readers live here in Seattle and sometimes we can get tunnel vision and forget about all the really great shows that happen in Tacoma. So in case you haven't heard, Sean Alexander just opened up a new show at Fulcrum Gallery called Seasonal Affective which promises, "More simple folk drawings made with pens, markers, hi-liters, colored pencils, and graphite. A world of sad, sleepy things. Broken hearts and animals with missing parts."

image by Sean Alexander

I love Sean's work. His drawings always feel so pure to me. I'd love to see him and Stacey Rozich have a show together - I think it would be sublime.

If you want to make it an art day, pop over to Kittredge Gallery, too - they have a nice show up through Feb 26 called Marked.

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