Saturday, January 15, 2011

Joey + Bear / Troy Gua

Joey + Bear, 2011 by Troy Gua

I try to keep the posts about me relegated to the weekends, when less folks are reading. I know that I'm friends with some of you on Facebook, so this is old news but I always get in trouble by my non-FB friends if I don't post here, too.

Artist Troy Gua wanted one of my owls and asked if we could do a trade. We finally got the chance to exchange earlier this week and you can imagine my happy face when I unwrapped the package and saw this! Me superimposed over a Northwest Coast art grizzly bear! This is a one-off but it'd be awesome to see a series of his pop hybrids done in this style. Thanks Troy!

And super-smartie Jessica Powers wrote some real sweet things about me for Artslant. You can read the whole thing here.
"Veltkamp is nothing if not a Co-Creative Lover, encouraging those slightly more up-and-coming than himself, established artists, and everyone in between. He believes in a populist, unifying espirit de corps in the arts community, laboring diligently to reshape his corner of the artworld through various forms of encouragement and engagement."

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Troy Gua said...

Silver is loving his new home! Thanks Joey!