Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Honey and Lightning / Mandy Greer

image via Mandy Greer

This Friday, Mandy Greer will be opening her first solo exhibition at Roq La Rue.

I'm in love with Mandy's work for many reasons. The work is so elaborate that it actually requires a community to help create it. She brings together a network of friends, strangers and loved ones to create her personal mythologies. Mandy's work takes the ordinary (scraps of fabric, cheap gold trinkets, beads) and elevates it into the sublime. Where others use excess as a crutch, her work depends on it.

The contrast between the divine and the primordial is striking. For Honey and Lightning, Mandy has created two shelters--the Honey Moon chamber and the Cherry Tree Root chamber--that visitors are invited to enter. By crossing the threshold, you become fully immersed in these artificial/natural worlds that live outside of place and time. They feel ancient but the temporality of the materials belie their recent creation.

Mandy notes that the original spark for these chambers goes back to Jeffry Mitchell's 2001 show at the Henry Art Gallery, Hanabuki.
"I made my chamber as a way to revisit and remember the secret place Jeffry made, the fur-lined hut that was a pleasure palace where I fell in love, presided over by little dancing gods spreading the joys of the pleasure in all bodies, a beginning of something that seemed temporary and ill-fated but really turned out to be deep-rooted like an ancient tree." - Mandy Greer

image via Mandy Greer

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