Sunday, January 30, 2011

Growing a Farmer / Kurt Timmermeister

I'm a schmuck for not writing about my friend Kurt's book sooner. It came out a week or two ago (after a super fun launch party by Kim Ricketts Books) and I've been slowly reading it.

It's really interesting to read about his life on the farm. Going out for one of his Sunday dinner's where you get to eat the week's bounty is obviously much different than spending the week milking the cows, planting vegetables, fixing fence, and getting up in the cold. All I've ever seen is the fun side of the farm, so there have already been a couple of parts where I cringe thinking, "I don't want know what happens next!" and have to skim through.

It's a great read about a quintessential city person risking it all to become a farmer. I love his self-reflection and honesty in admitting mistakes he made along the way. Just be careful because it might inspire you, too. (Can I raise bees in my backyard??)

You can pick up a copy at Elliott Bay Books or read about his current adventures on his Kurtwood Farms journal here. If you haven't been out before, here's what life on his farm can look like. Here's a review from the Wall Street Journal.

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