Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Double Feature by Curtis Erlinger

I'm shutting my eyes tight so everything
goes black (detail), 2010,
8" x 10"
Ink on paper, snow, cloth overlay

I've been meaning to recommend Curtis Erlinger's current show, Double Feature, in SOIL's backspace. He's done a series of beautiful paintings pulled from cinema.
Double Feature rephrases these images in ways that seem both furtive and strangely revealing. In deliberate contrast to a projection upon the silver screen, the viewer looks through an obscuring cloth to see the precision of the paintings. Individual images are presented, yet they become complicated by their interaction with one another. Although subtitled texts seem to offer an explanation, they are collaged and sourced from unrelated films. The original narratives are altered and made uncertain in order, paradoxically, to clarify the hidden truths about desire that lurk beneath them.

And for those of you who have always wanted to vandalize a Hummer (and what Seattleite hasn't entertained that thought at least once?), W. Scott Trimble finally gives you your chance in the main gallery.

Both shows are up through the 29th.


blogger said...

inspiring art :)

Nicholas Pena said...

Curtis Erlinger's work is the shiznit!

Nicholas Pena said...

BIG UPS...Curtis (aka C to the E, aka Courght, aka "Trippy Dude," aka "This guys trying to be homeless," aka Loucious Left Foot, aka Buffalo Roam, aka Hawaii 5.0, aka Yo Yo Yoda, aka "Keeper of White Bees," aka Bird Man, aka Bruce Lee's Father) Erlinger."