Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blitz / January 2011

Here are a couple of highlights from Thursday's Blitz.

Julie Alpert

Julie Alpert will be opening up Motivation Graph at The Living Room.
During the months of November and December, Julie Alpert set out to make one 5" x 7.5" painting a day from photographs of Seattle backyards. The bar graph installation of the work charts her productivity, motivation, energy and lack thereof. The arrangement draws visual connections between the subject matter, palette, and application of paint. Originally intended as a challenge about dedication, the project revealed a lot about habits and attention span as they relate to physical and mental stamina.

Jess Rees

Ghost Gallery will be opening up the group show Ecotone which showcases the talents of Michael Alm, Joey Bates, Mary Elise Bolam, Jody Joldersma and Jess Ress.

Ecotone’s theme comes from a term used by ecologists to describe a physical transition between landscapes, such as the point where forest becomes desert. In some cases, the boundary between landscapes lasts indefinitely. More commonly, however, one landscape slowly eclipses the other. It’s on these terms that five local artists explore the shift between the urban landscape and the natural one.
Emmett Montgomery

Emmett Montgomery's show
Of Teddy Bears and Other Monsters will be opening at CakeSpy.
Emmett Montgomery used to live in a strange and lonely town. He started making friends using the paperbags from the excessive gift packages his mother would send him. He doesn't live in that town anymore and has real human friends but he still makes puppets and likes to find them homes. His puppets are of things that frighten and/or fascinate him; clowns, children, birds, teddy bears, among other things and Cakespy will be hosting a lot of them.
Jesse Higman

And don't miss Jesse Higman's live painting event at Vermillion.
In a live gallery event, Jesse Higman will be pouring paintings with DJ accompaniment on Thursday, January 13th from 5-8pm. With his largest table, Higman will share his painting techniques and invite others to work with him in the gallery space. The performance is an opportunity for deeper dialog and conversation on the Illuvial occurrences with the Capitol Hill community and gallery exhibition, Illuvium: The Wave & Animate Existence.
Dumb Eyes' gif

And don't forget about the after party--Penetration at Unicorn!

Updated 1/12:
Betty Clifton at Joe Bar

Also, don't miss the inaugural show of Betty Clifton at Joe Bar. This show is full of collages that she's been working on for over ten years!

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