Saturday, January 22, 2011

Barnstorm call to artists

I rarely post calls to artists, mostly because I hate applying to things due to my fear of rejection (I could never be an author or actor - all those rejections!) but I think this project sounds really fun.

I tend to live in an artistic silo so if it falls outside visual art, I probably don't know about it. Barnstorm seems like the perfect remedy for that. Somewhere between a speakeasy and a cabaret (with liberal doses of social justice thrown in), Barnstorm is seeking "practitioners of dangerous, witty and unfettered theatre & art" to help realize their ambitious 3 day vision of an urban carnival.
Transforming a wonderful, yet woefully underused, downtown venue (a 3400 sq. ft. former theatre currently serving as a storage locker), Barnstorm will invoke the original European cabarets to bring audiences and artists together in an intimate and seemingly "off limits" setting. People will physically mingle in a variety of spaces; they'll trip over each other; thumb their noses at one another and engage - however indirectly - in a dialogue about things that matter, things that disturb, things that art is best at digging into. Patrons will drink cocktails, enjoy small bites, relax on couches, peruse two- and three-dimensional displays. They'll drift away to other engagements - and hopefully back again. They'll feel at ease, even as provocative work is cropping up spontaneously around them, because they will choose their level of engagement (seated in the front row, or across the room at the bar). Whatever happens, they'll be immersed in excellent creative work - and they'll feel good about just being seen there.
Barnstorm: The Cabaret Re-imagined is seeking ar
tists of all forms; painting, sculpture, theatre, dance, comedy, poetry, photography, whatever!

If this sounds interesting (and I sure think it will be!), you can learn more here. Applications are due by February 15. And if you can't participate as an artist, I hope you'll consider saving the dates to attend (May 5 - 7, 2011; 6pm-2am nightly).

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