Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wojnarowicz in Seattle

UNTITLED (Falling Buffalo), 1988-89 by David Wojnarowicz
Gelatin silver print, 10 x 13 inches, edition of 100
Image via Greg Kucera Gallery
Great news for those that didn't already know - Greg Kucera Gallery has installed a show of work by David Wojnarowicz. And I'm pleased to say that Derrick Cartwright asked Greg & Larry if SAM can borrow 2 of the pieces; Untitled (One Day) and Untitled (Falling Buffalo). In the interest of getting the work seen by as many people as possible (hello Picasso!), those two pieces will move up to SAM and be on view next Tuesday. I'd like to see the video played at SAM, too - I think it's an extremely important message to send.
Whether they ending up showing the video or not, between the Hedreen, the Henry, Greg Kucera Gallery, the Frye, TAM and SAM, I'm feeling pretty proud to be a gay artist living and making work in a town as supportive as Seattle.
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