Tuesday, December 28, 2010

14 years ago...

A picture from the first party I ever threw in Seattle.

It's official - today marks my 14th anniversary in Seattle. I never thought I'd be here this long (Austin and New Orleans were both loudly calling my name at different times) but here I am and I can't imagine living anywhere else.

I moved over during the big snowstorm of 1996 that shut Seattle down. The picture I wanted to include here was the one that my friend Lisa took of me as I arrived at her house with a beard full of icicles after walking from Capitol Hill to Queen Anne during a blizzard.

It's been a crazy 14 years and thanks to everyone who's made my time here so much fun!


harold hollingsworth said...

Glad you are a part of the electricity of conversation and ideas being bounced around, glad you are here Joey, happy anniversary!

Joey Veltkamp said...

Aw, thanks Harold. Right back atcha!