Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday artist events

Hopefully the awesomeness of these shows will be enough to get you out of your cocoon today and head out for some art events.

video still of Paul Lynde doing the weather

Today the Hedreen Gallery will be hosting FACE TIME with Duncan Scovil.
"The piece falls loosely under the idea and structure of an extended forecast. The general notion is to provide a false context for House Systems, supplying a default conversation for visitors and staff, predicting the week's activity, and inevitably transitioning into failed documentation as the actual events occur."
Hedreen Gallery at 11am (until 2pm)

Where My Eyes Meet You, 2005 by Bert Rodriguez
White blinking neon mounted on plexiglas with transformer

Miami artist Bert Rodriguez will be in town for an informal walk-through of his two pieces at Lawrimore Project. I really enjoy the intimacy of the new space - it dramatically alters the experience of viewing art. It'll be interesting to see how many folks can pack in there. They might have to set up an ancillary viewing station with speakers at the trolley station across the street.

Eddie, 2008 by Jacob Foran
Stoneware, porcelain, paint, resin, concrete, steel, wood

Timea Tihanyi curated a 6 person show called Man and Beast that details our relationships with animals.
"This show explores the colorful variety of relationships between people and our creature-companions through new media works and tactile sculptures by six artists."

SOIL at 2pm

Pool by Maggie Carson Romano

While there won't be a lecture, you will be able to buy the artist a drink! Tonight from 5-7 pm, The Living Room hosts a closing party for Maggie Carson Romano's show, Pool.

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