Monday, November 1, 2010

Hunt by Eddy Dughi

Hunt (video still) by Eddy Dughi
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"I was trying to imagine what the first sexual encounter between a pair of characters would have been like, and I had a few ideas roughed out about an isolated encounter in the forest, with unspoken understanding taking the place of dialogue. I picked the point of view of the more dominant partner, who happened to be a hunter, to write in. At first, the predator and prey metaphors seemed natural, but as I wrote, they became more and more pronounced, and the unspoken understanding became less and less clear. I had always intended to imply consent, but as I began to write the dominant partner reaching for a hunting knife to cut the clothing off of the other character, I had to stop. The piece had changed on me. As the narrator became more and more unreliable in his assessment of the situation, it had become about an assertion of dominance, and a sexualization of violence, instead of a consummation of mutual desires. It scared me that I could no longer see the implied consent I'd wanted, that I was losing control of my own work, and possibly of my own desires.

I am returning to the piece, creating visual art out of this piece of writing, partly to get closure with it, but also because I was reminded of this intimate connection to the forest while re-creating the experience of forest for Re-admission to Nature. I am balancing the original intent of the writing, and the possible discomfort and shift that I felt when I was writing it." - Eddy Dughi

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