Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chris Engman / Greg Kucera Gallery

Equivalence (2009) by Chris Engman

I'm loving Chris Engman's latest series of prints from his second show at Greg Kucera Gallery. Dust to Dust opens this Thursday and actualizes on all the promise from his previous show with the gallery in 2006.

The latest work seems to dig deeper to really investigate his recurring themes of time, failure, and struggle. One of my favorite pieces in the show perfectly illustrates this. Equivalence, which references Alfred Stieglitz's important series of the first abstract photographs Equivalents, is a photograph of a structure built by the artist. Chris then documented the structure and attached a set of prints to the back of it. He then re-photographed the wooden grid creating a visual tension as you brain tries to make sense out of the conflicting shadows and perspective.

Three Moments (2009) by Chris Engman

The opening is this Thursday from 6-8pm at Greg Kucera Gallery. I can't wait!

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harold hollingsworth said...

fantastic stuff, we are fortunate to have this artist working and showing around here, special stuff indeed!