Wednesday, November 3, 2010

1st Thursday, November 2010

12 Labors of Hercules, 1989 by Michael Spafford

Tomorrow is already 1st Thursday! CAB has my list of picks here. And if visiting Ryan Molenkamp's studio at Baby Seal Club is part of your monthly walk, this will be his last one for the foreseeable future so make sure and stop by.

Guest judges for this month's artwalk are Betsey Brock, Associate Director for Communications and Outreach at the Henry Art Gallery and Whitney Ford-Terry, Co-curator of Hedreen Gallery. Join us at Vito's after checking out the art and hear live music from Ivory Smith.

Gosh, I can't believe this will already be the 8th after party. That means $4,000 in prize money has been given away to local artists so far - thank you Blue Moon Beer, City Arts and 4Culture!

Here's the list of all the winners so far: Margot Quan Knight, Anna Wetzel, Darin Shuler, Derrick Jefferies, Klara Glosova, Andy Reynolds, and Ed Wicklander. And the list of all the previous judges includes Marisa Sánchez, Gretchen Bennett, Yoko Ott, Ken Kelly, Wynne Greenwood, Cable Griffith, Betsey Brock, Whitney Ford-Terry, Sharon Arnold, Troy Gua, Jessica Powers, Matt Browning, Alfred Harris, Ryan Molenkamp, Mike Pham and Jason Hirata. Congrats to all the previous winners and thanks again to all the judges and sponsors!

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