Friday, October 29, 2010

To Catch a Trapper by Allyce Wood

To Catch a Trapper (detail) by Allyce Wood,
cut-paper and overhead projection

"‘Human to animal’ conflicts are common subjects of my work, and this cut-paper and overhead projector installation continues that thread.

People have long wished to genuinely live amongst nature, but cannot without taking certain action to re-assimilate. Humankind is separate from the wilderness because of their often negative and violent participation in the animal world; to upend those actions would heal our race's reputation and allow for our inclusion.

This is a naive solution, to trap those who poach or squander, but one that instinctively feels correct. The contradiction of this vigilante solution (repeating the hurt placed upon our prey onto members of our society) is apparent, and lends comment to the inevitable human condition." - Allyce Wood

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